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#The100DayProject: #100DayProjectBW is a 2017 cut paper study of native plants. Done freehand in the style of old-fashioned silhouettes, each piece is crafted freestyle with little more than a pair of sharp scissors while eyeing a photo for reference. Nature is not consigned to the great mythical outdoor parks. It is here, at our feet with each step and it needs our help. Each image has a bit of text to introduce you to the plant's unique wonder.

A number of these plants live in my own 'garden' which is actually more of a wild place. They can also be discovered walking the pathways and roads close to home, in dedicated open space, and even via online research. Many are considered weeds in the urban landscape garden but in truth, they play an important role in our environment. They may serve as the food source for the many native bees that pollinate our gardens, provide shade for the salamander, or create the reedy pond edges for our local frogs and small trout.

While doing this project I was saddened by the number of plants or small creatures that are endangered or at risk. It is mostly our own doing as we continue to erode their habitat. With our attention, perhaps we can 'undo,' at least some of our mess.

This annual event is tracked via Instagram and anyone can participate and define the project by their own terms.  To find out more about the project and to participate visit #The100DayProject.