Wake-Up Your Creativity With ‘Sideways Vision’

What to do when you feel creatively tapped out

Creativity. What happens when the spark isn’t there and there is a deadline looming; a consignment is due or a show is going up? You have to move through it and forward but to create work when feeling flat is challenging at best. Creatives can, as in any profession, fall into a rut. Sometimes to climb out all that’s needed is a break from what is in front of you.

Treat yourself to a little creativity vacation:

  • Take a walk with your camera and really ‘look’
  • Visit a museum. After you revisit your favorites seek one piece you hate and analyze ‘why’
  • Read from your favorite book of poetry
  • Visit with that friend that always sparks joy and gratitude
  • Spend time in the garden

There are so many ways to bring the energy back into your work. But sometimes you may need to push harder. One way to really breakthrough is to use what I call ‘sideways vision’. This can lay the groundwork for experiencing a creative breakthrough. This video by Vania Heymann and Daniel Koren is a great example of the sideways vision and, more importantly, the results it can nurture.

Directed, Shot & Edited by Vania Heymann Starring, Music & Written by Daniel Koren:…

I bet you have found yourself engaged in walking contests on multiple occasions and had a good laugh at your own expense. But here, they took it to the next level, examining it from a point of view most of us haven’t considered. Simply by looking sideways at an activity many of us engage in, this film gives voice to a larger question about the human psyche and our culture. Use sideways vision when looking at your art and an idea or a problem you’re trying to solve in your work: adding this to your tool chest will open access to your creative process and help identify the thing that will move your work from ho-hum common right into the extraordinary.

Thank you for reading my blog. I would love to know how you break out of a stale, dry time. Ideas and insights are always welcomed. And don’t forget: If you enjoyed this, please share it with friends. Just use the social links below. You’re so nice! ~Georgia


 One last thought: Creativity as a broad spectrum antibiotic; regular dosing fosters good health. You can quote me on that!


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Photo credit: dicktay2000 via photopin cc