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Scannography Art

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My art is greatly influenced by the world around me or the world that might be. For this series, I was inspired by a Ted Talk given by Emma Marris. Her statement "Nature is anywhere where life thrives". created a shift in my thinking about the world around me. These pieces are an introduction, meant to provide the viewer an opportunity to 'see' and discover the intricate beauty of our world. In our fast-paced, multi-faceted lives the time and moments of solitude we need to gain entry into this world can be hard to find. These portraits are offered as another path in and give witness to a continual state of rebirth or re-imagination that is in the DNA of every living thing. Even the most humble members of our universe have a beautifully creative existence.

"No matter where this plant comes from, it is beautiful and it deserves to be touched and appreciated. ~ Emma Marris

Contact the artist for purchase. Each piece is a unique scanner photograph (scnography)