Paint Drops Artist Quotes – Elliot Eisner

Artist Quote Elliot Eisner

Artist Quote Elliot Eisner

Paint Drop Artist Quote: Elliot Eisner

Today's Paint Drop Artist Quote is by Elliot Eisner, a strong advocate for arts education. The late Professor Eisner taught at Standford University. He would be so pleased with the bill recently passed by the U.S. Senate. It confirms the arts as a core subjects in American schools.

Art is literacy of the heart. - Elliot Eisner

Dr. Eisner argued that music, dance, and visual arts are essential for developing critical thinking skills. He advocated that art education would benefit students in every area of their academic studies.

The process of making art is one of discovery and involves problem-solving. Developing the methods techniques to make your vision 'workable' is exciting. In the end, the creative process is an expression of your heart and also the result of research and testing. While you don't want to let the process derail you, your achievement will be that much sweeter when you push against your own limitations both technically and intellectually.

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