Free Demo-Intro to Paper Cutting


January 25th, 11AM-1:30PM
Riley Street Art Supply
San Rafael

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In this demonstration will learn about a traditional art form practiced the world over, paper cutting! This art form was first brought into focus as a modern form of expression by Matisse and is a popular art form with many artists today. It lends itself easily to ever artistic style from representational, folk-art, illustration, minimalist, and abstract.

We will examine the best practices for simplifying your designs in preparation for cutting and look deeper into positive and negative space as part of your design process. We will also learn about the tools used in paper cutting as well as safe handling practices. Basic paper cutting techniques to handle lines, curves and text will be demonstrated. You will be provided with practice sheets to take home for cutting practice and a single template to use as well.

At the completion of this demo, you will have all the information you need to start creating your own paper-cut art.  Finished work can be mounted and framed, used as a ‘gift-card’, or scanned and digitized to incorporate it into other works. Join me to learn the basics of this fun, easy, and economical art form.

If you have one, bring an Xacto Knife with a #11 blade and a self-healing cutting board or a cutting board made from a cereal box or similar material.

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