Early Morning

Early Morning, Georgia Gibbs

Georgia Gibbs
Early Morning
Cold wax, oil paint
12 x 24 x 1 in.

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Early Morning felt familiar to me when it was finished. I paint abstracts, but when a piece is complete it’s often a known landscape that calls to me from within the painting.

One of my favorite morning walks is along the bay at a small marsh area. Tucked in the middle of a housing division, a trailer court, and a shopping mall, the eastern border is fixed forever by the 101 Freeway. Even at this early hour, it’s packed with morning commuters, unaware at this wonderland, hiding completely in the open.

Just a few steps in, thoughts that catch me in my day of ‘doing’ quiet for a time and a lovely stillness is there to meet me in its place. My pace begins to slow as, unconsciously I adjust my stride to match the rhythm of the slow lapping bay waters along the shore. A mist still hugs the land at this early hour and every surface is rendered with soft edges. It’s a wonderful way to begin one’s day.

Looking at this piece, I’m reminded of this heartscape. The couple who purchased it live very close to this same spot and even though my thoughts were never shared, I’m sure there is something that says ‘home’ when they look at it.

The process for painting Early Morning

Oils and cold wax give me the ability to play with texture and give my work a visual ‘tactile’ quality. When ‘building’ a piece I often times will block out areas from receiving color. A piece may have several layers that each can play a part as I will scrape back dried paint or pull still wet paint out to create an interplay between the layers of an application.