get ready. it’s time to create!

Creative building blocks for artists and creatives

Creativity Workshops with Georgia use the power of play to bring focus and energy back to your daily life, your work, and your art. These workshops are geared to artists of every experience level. You are encouraged to explore and push against your own creative boundaries.

It’s time. Get ready to create! ~ Georgia

Intro to Abstract Art with Oil and Cold Wax

Intro: Abstract Painting ~ Oil and Cold Wax

Intro to abstract painting with oil and cold wax: this exciting medium allows for a very ‘painterly’ means of expression and a great deal of versatility in your mark-making. Create expressive marks, great impasto effects, carve and texture your surface. *Limited Class Size

Paper Cutting Introduction Demo

Free Demo – Intro to Paper Cutting

Add this traditional art form, practiced the world over, to your creative arsenal! This art form was first brought into focus as a modern form of expression by Matisse and remains popular with many artists today. It lends itself easily to ever artistic style from representational, folk-art, illustration, minimalist, and abstract.

Visual Linguistics

Visual Linguistics-Explore Your Creative Voice

Tap into your intuitive language and develop a stronger visual vocabulary in your artwork. This intensive will remove the barriers by supporting you to act without questioning or second-guessing your intent. Use this process to push your art forward in 2020! Limited class size.

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