Cranesbill, Wild Geranium, Series: The World at Our Feet

Cranesbill, Wild Geranium

Georgia Gibbs
Scannography Art
Prints 30 x 30 inches 2017, edition x of 10
HD Metal Print, Dye Sublimation Metal or Acrylic Face-Mounting
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Geranium robertianum, is a common species of cranesbill. An annual or biennial with a small taproot that spreads widely via seeds, this is one of the weedy geraniums and can be invasive in a well-watered shady slope. Native to California and the northwestern United States. In my garden it is allowed to flourish. On my shady north-facing slope it’s a welcome sight come spring. Artist Georgia Gibbs captures images from the natural world. By bringing it into tight focus she invites the viewer to a more intimate relationship with the world underfoot.

Part of a series; The World at Our Feet, Eco Portraits by Georgia Gibbs.

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