Celebration of Women Artists–Women’s History Month

This is a true celebration of women artists who have helped shape the story of art both in their own lifetimes and with the ripple of time, our own. I am not an art historian so it was simple to devise my curatorial mission: share the women artists I know and love or discover artists that I want to know better. I also share artwork that resonates with me so it may not always be their best know or mature work. I did not always select the obvious ‘known’ names because I may not yet be a fan of their work so if your favorite is missing, that may be why. 

Because the time I could give to it was limited I also decided to not dive into sculpture or other mediums (with one exception). In the end, I feel there is a strong representation of women artists throughout history and also a broad sampling of styles. You can select any piece to view it larger and read the notes I provided in the original post on Instagram.

*Source information is at the bottom of the page. Click on any item to view comments and larger images that you can page through.


A curated review of the rich offerings by women artists throughout history. This pictorial review is in honor of female artists and is aligned with Women’s History Month. Learn about the rich voice that female artists have added to our cultural landscape and the role they are claiming in this space today.

*Artists below are listed alpha by first name

Adriana Bisi Fabbri, (Italian 1881 – 1918) artribune.org , hyperallergic.com

Alice Neal (American, 1900-1984), AliceNeal.com | Quote, NY Times, Alice Neal Obituary

Alice Trumbull Mason (American, 1900-1984), artandobject.com , Washburn Gallery

Alison Saar, (American, b 1956) National Museum of Woman ArtistsBlack Art StoryMAAM

Amy Sherald (American, b 1973), amysherald.com , artandobject.com

Artemisia Gentileschi (Italian, 1593-1651) Galleria Palatina, Palazzo Pitti, Florence (398) © Gabinetto fotografico delle Gallerie degli Uffiz, The National Gallery

Berthe Morisot (French 1841 – 1895) Wikiart.org

Bessie Boris (American, 1917-1993), bessieboris.com

Bridget Riley (British, b 1931) Britnnica, Tate, YouTube

Chryssa (American, born Greece, 1933-2013), NYTimes, albrightknox.org 

Clara Peeters (Flemish, 1594-1657), Museo de Prada, Madrid, Spain

Deborah Roberts (American, b. 1962) deborahrobertsart.com/

Evelyn De Morgan, (English 1855-1919), Wikipedia

Freda Kahlo (Latina, Mexico, 1907 – 1954), Wikipedia, WikiArt

Gabriele Münter (German, 1877–1962)  Ludwig Museum

Georgia O’Keeffe (American 1887-1986),  WikiArt

Giovanna Garzoni (Italian, 1600-1670), Italian Art History, Hyperallergic.com

Glòria Muñoz (Spanish b, 1949), artland.com

Helen Frankenthaler (American 1928–2011) WikiAr , PDF about print process for this series 

Joan Mitchell (American 1925 – 1992), Wikipedia, Joan Mitchell Foundation, History Hudson River Day Line 1863-1971

Julie Mehretu (American, b 1970) LACMA , Whitney.org

Lois Dobb (American, b 1927) Observational painter, Alexandre Gallery, Luis Dobb

María Berrío (Colombian, b. 1982) Artsy

Mary Lee Bendolph (American, b 1935), NGA-National Gallery of Art

Maria Primachenko, (Ukrainian, 1909-1997), WikiArt

Perle Fine (American, 1905-1988), perlefine.com | artsy.net

Rachel Ruysch (Netherlands, 1664-1750), WikiArt

Sofonisba Anguissola (Italian, 1532–1625), free.com, WikiArt

Susan Jane Walp (American, b 1948), susanjanewalp.com, Savvy Painter Podcast Interview

Susan Rothenberg (American, 1945-2020), MOMA

Zoey Frank. (American, b 1987), zoeyfrank.com Also several great presentations on youtube.com