Hang Your Art Like a Design Pro by Georgia Gibbs

Showcase Your Art and Hang it Like an Interior Designer

Hang your art like an interior designer. Learn the tools and techniques used by interior designers and gallery owners to enhance the presentation of your artwork, whether you’re a collector or the artist. Be a Good Storyteller When you engage in the placement of a piece of art, you are setting out to tell a […]

Georgia Gibbs, Merfish, 1995

Merfish: Painted Plates from Times Past

I found this in a friend’s cupboard. I painted several plates years ago when I was in my early 30s. It may be the lone survivor. I was so happy to see it I am I going to revisit my plates and see what shakes loose. And yes – you can eat on them but […]

Creativity tips for the artist

Wake-Up Your Creativity With ‘Sideways Vision’

What to do when you feel creatively tapped out Creativity. What happens when the spark isn’t there and there is a deadline looming; a consignment is due or a show is going up? You have to move through it and forward but to create work when feeling flat is challenging at best. Creatives can, as […]