Her heart, properly understood

Georgia Gibbs Her heart, properly understood Pastel Drawing on Paper 6 x 4 in. 2017 #pastel #abstract Works: Thumbs | Next Inquire or call 415.261.8928 DETAILS Her heart, properly understood is a small pastel drawing on paper.

Mixed Media on Paper ©Georgia Gibbs

Successful Mutation

Georgia Gibbs Successful Mutation Mixed Media Drawing on Paper 30 x 22 in. 2015 #pastel #mixedmedia #abstract Works: Thumbs | Prev | Next Inquire DETAILS Successful Mutation is a mixed media drawing on paper; beginning with acrylic ink and layering in pastel, oil pastel and graphite for the final abstract.

Dispersed To The Cosmos ©Georgia Gibbs

Dispersed To The Cosmos

Georgia Gibbs Dispersed to the Cosmos Graphite and Pencil 22.5 x 15 in. 2015 #graphite #mixedmedia #abstract Works: Thumbs | Previous | Next Inquire DETAILS Modern abstract graphite drawing on paper by Georgia Gibbs; Dispersed To The Cosmos 2015 graphite and pencil on Arches paper.