California Painter And Abstract Artist

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Georgia GibbsTaking cues from the natural world, I create work that's familiar to both the eye and the heart. These visual notes, rich with texture, trigger a memory fluttering at the edges and just out of reach.

Working primarily in oils and mixed media, I incorporate cold wax as a medium in my paint. I enjoy the tactile quality it lends the finished work. Depending on the way it's applied or handled in the final stages it can resemble polished stone, earth or crumbling artifacts. I usually work in multiple layers and may completely erase what was laid down before by newly introduced marks. I use pallet knives, putty knives, and brushes to lay down and scrape away surface information.

I don’t have a formalized education but there are many both living and dead I look to as mentors, guides, and teachers. I turn to them regularly for instruction in my life-long experiment with mark making. I've also been fortunate to study under Chester Arnold, an internationally acclaimed artist who thankfully has accepted the role of 'educator' as part of his life's work. He teaches at Marin Community College. I have also attended Nicholas Wilton Art2Life workshop. Nicholas is also a generous teacher and a highly regarded Bay Area artist.

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In joy! ~Georgia, Fairfax AIR (Artist in Residence) 2018-2020

what i love: My kids and every life lesson they've generously shared. Big long drawn out meals and great conversation. Dogs - any dog, but especially the ones at my feet. Tacos from food carts in Mexico. My best friends.

favorite all time music: My Funny Valentine, Miles Davis - its beauty can still move me to tears. Make Someone Happy, Jimmy Durante. Anything Leonard Cohen.

place that said "you're home now": San Francisco. Everywhere in Spain I took a breath.

inspiration found: The ocean and coastal hills. Wild gardens. Music. The written word.

furthest place i've traveled to: Fiji by plane. Fairbanks, Alaska by car.