Georgia Gibbs’ colorful painted abstracts are inspired by nature and the coastal landscapes of California. Her works can be monochromatic and still with the weight of dense fog or colorful and alive like a hot summer afternoon. The viewer is teased by a sense of the familiar and responds to emotional nuance, always present in the base notes.

Town of Fairfax AIR (Artist in Residence) 2018-2022


Paper cuts, Georgia Gibbs, 2017

In this series for the #100dayproject I did a cut paper study of native plants. Done freehand in the style of old-fashioned silhouettes, each piece is crafted freestyle with little more than a pair of sharp scissors while eyeing a photo for reference. With a California focus, I also tried to zero in on what was underfoot in my yard or discovered on walks with the dogs. Each image has a little information I found in my research.

Many of them are endangered and the primary reason is habitat loss. This project impacted my thinking about my purpose as a steward on the little patch of land I am graced with. If each of us dedicates just 40% of our gardens to local native plants we will have a positive impact on our environment. It is to our benefit, the native pollinators, other inhabitants, and as importantly–future generations.

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It must be spring.

Georgia Gibbs #100DayProjectBW Day 010

Aesculus californica is beautiful and provides sustinance for native 🐝 and butterflies. But for the non-native honeybee, it's pollen is deadly. And for you too. I don't think I would use this in the fireplace. All parts are poisonous.

the only time I feel alive...