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Spring and Summer Exploring Creativity Workshops

Exploring Creativity Workshops help you strengthen your creative muscle. Learn about design and color to kick your creativity up a notch.

Exploring Creativity Workshop in Black and White

Cut Paper and Notan Studies

Cut paper and Notan Studies

Cut paper and Notan Studies by participants

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Even if you can't draw a stick figure your creative juices will get flowing in this workshop. Armed with paper, scissors, and glue, it's all about getting down to basics. But, don't let this simple set-up fool you, There is a lot of learning going on. We'll talk about some basic design 'rules' that are active in your process; why 'love' comes in odd numbers, how to employ a simple grid, when to embrace balance, and even when to throw it out.

These principles are helpful to all. Creatives can use it as a tool to 'get in the flow'. For people who claim they can't even draw a straight line - you will create something powerful in this workshop. Home decorators, DIY makers, bloggers and budding smartphone photographers will all enjoy this and learn techniques to push their work up a notch. Sign up and come play!

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5.21 | Exploring Creativity Workshop in Color

Sunday, 12 – 3 pm
Location: Abrams Claghorn Gallery in Albany
$100 fee Plus a $35 Materials Fee
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Color play no6
Can't draw a stick figure and want to express your creative side? This workshop is for you. The workshop is all about color and the doing is all about creative play. Part of what makes a child's drawing so exciting is the fearless use of color and shape. As adults color-comfort gets put into what I call the fear bucket and takes a special place among 'things I can't do'. In this 3-hour workshop, you'll banish the fear, explore your own personal color palette, and extend it to colors outside your comfort zone.

We will quickly review the color wheel and core color concepts. Then you will create a color palette based on your favorite color(s) and carry it through to ‘color tiles’ using cut and torn papers, pastels, pencil, and acrylic paints. This is a fun, fast-paced 3-hour creativity workshop geared to adults. I will be available for one-on-one attention and personal feedback. If time allows we'll end with a little group show to enjoy one another’s work.

6.11 | Exploring Creativity Workshop / Oil and Cold Wax

Poetic Abstractions with Artist Oils and Cold Wax
Sunday, 12 – 3 pm
Location: Abrams Claghorn Gallery in Albany

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Cold Wax Workshop

Artist oils and cold wax have been used since the time of the pharos. Today it is valued for its expressive qualities and lends itself to creating beautiful intuitive work. Through layering and excavating, this medium lends itself to poetic abstractions. The only required skill is a willingness to explore. Cold wax, a mixture of beeswax and solvent, is mixed with artist oils to create a thick paint body, similar to soft butter. It does not use heat to set.

For this introductory course, you'll be introduced to some of the core techniques for painting with oils and cold wax. Applied to a rigid panel, the joy is in manipulating it with various tools. Your work is further enhanced by adding texture or using other additive techniques such as colored crayons, collage and more. No drawing or painting skills are required. Just a touch of curiosity and fearlessness are all you need for the workshop.

For the majority of our time together, you will create, explore, and experiment on 12 x 12-inch panels using non-traditional tools. I will be available for one-on-one attention and personal feedback.

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